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My goal in this blog is to share my 35+ years of experience to mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers, or branch managers. Weekly I will posting timely information regarding how to adapt to the current market conditions and what I'm seeing in the marketplace. I hope you find this helpful.




Why Does a $2M Branch Make A Profit and A $8M Lose Money? Jun 23, 2023

We are comparing a $2 Million branch who made money to an $8 Million branch who lost money.

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Multiple Ways To Make A Profit Jun 02, 2023

Today I want to talk about the profit model and how there is not just one model that will turn a profit. I often here some people refer to profit like this ”The only way I can make a profit is I have to gouge the customer and my rate sheet becomes non-competitive. You will see here that...

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Comparing Two $4 Million Branches May 26, 2023

Why Is One Profitable & The Other Isn't?

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How Much Is At Stake If We Don't Adapt To Market Conditions May 05, 2023

The effect on Profitability when a branch understands their numbers and the effect of small incremental changes have on your bottom line.

The stakes Are high and up until now, you haven’t had anyone teach you the language of profitability at the branch level.

Let me first start out with a...

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The Effect Of Not Right-Sizing OPs When Market Changes Apr 28, 2023

Right-Sizing After Refi-Mania

Let's look at the effect on Profitability when a branch does not adjust to lower production. We've included the video in this blog because it might be easier to follow along.

Let me first give a disclaimer if you haven’t taken our course for branch...

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