Module 1 will teach you how to simplify your P&L by converting it into our 8 KPI format.  Modules 2-7  consist of how to improve your profit picture. They will show you how to add more revenue. lower expenses, LO comp ,getting more loans, and recruiting. See below for details.

Learn More About Profitability

Webinar Replay

Tom will show you how to convert your P&L into our 8 KPI format. We will show comparisons of 2 branches, both doing $4 million a month, how one is losing $5,000 and the other is making $16,000. We will also show you how a branch doing only 2 million compares to a branch doing $8 million a month.

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The Profitability System

  • Knowing Your Numbers - One Transaction Thinking 
  • Business Blood Pressure- The 8 KPI's 
  • Explanation Of The 8 KPI's
  • How You Compare To Others
  • 3 Manager Story/2925 Vs 96 Entries

Culture - How Important Is It?

  • Culture - The Fork In The Road
  • Culture - It Will Make You Or Break You Part 1
  • Culture - It Will Make You Or Break You Part 2
  • Culture Mismatch - The Need For A USP

Deep Dive On Revenue - The Top BBP Number

  • How We Determine Top BBP
  • Consumerism 2023 -Mindset Of The Consumer Vs. The Loan Officer
  • Circle OF Death
  • When Were You Involved With The Client - Shot Chart
  • Third Party Proof Source
  • Mistakes Lead To Discounting
  • Who Really Has The Lowest Rate - Exercise
  • Every Rate Quote Is A Custom Quote
  • 3 Thirds Of The Business

Deep Dive On Reducing Expenses -Lowering The Bottom BBP

  • How We Determine Bottom BBP
  • Importance Of Pull Thru
  • MMC - Processed Only Locked Refinances
  • used Capacity- Human Resource Waste
  • Slots Creation - Restaurant Mindset
  • Ops Mindset On Stress - Proactive Vs. Reactive
  • 3 Day Early Figures - 2001
  • The Union Processor
  • The Napplication - Taxes The Capacity
  • Get All The Docs Up Front -By The LO
  • Underwriting Up Front - Incentive
  • Capacity - Asking 24/7 365 At MMC
  • Increasing Capacity Examples (LO's and OPs)

LO Comp - How To Pay Lo's Fairly While Maintaining Profitability

  • LO Comp What's Fair
  • All The Money For All The Work The Way I Want It Done
  • How The Rate Sheet Is Built
  • The Challenge - To Eliminate The Commissioned Loan Officer
  • Everything Costs Something - The Only Question Is Who Will Pay For It
  • Adjusting Comp - When And Why
  • LO Comp Too Much Or Too Little Two? - Different Perspectives

Getting More Loans

  • After Any Refi Boom The Need Is Always Higher
  • The Re-engaging The Realtor "How To"
  • Adopting Mortgage Orphans
  • Building Your Database For The Future
  • The Value of The Mortgage Check-up

Pulling It All Together

  • CPI - Developing Your Par
  • The Balancing Act Maintaining Balance In Price, Great OPs, Fair LO Comp, And Profit
  • Open Book Management At MMC
  • Resources

Recruiting - Utilizing The Profitability System To Build Your Branch

  • The Future - Top Producing LO's Wanting More Comp
  • The Future - Fear Of The P&L Nobody Ever Taught Them
  • Cultures Must Match
  • Wrapping Things Up


Why Our Program Is Different

Some programs are a hit and run. Ours actually monitors results. What makes our program unique is not only do we teach you our 15 plus years of experience but you get to see the specific results for your branch in real time each and every month. The ability to monitor progress is extremely valuable to both of us. First we teach in our 7 Module Training Program. Then we actually take your branches P&L and show you how to convert it into our 8 key performance indicators. Once you see your branches numbers in this format, we allow you to compare to other like-sized branches. This is done in full confidentiality never revealing the identity of the branch. Our monthly group coaching calls keep you engaged with your numbers month after month.


Get Instant Access Now!

Our System's Database Curranty Has 1,400+ Branch Records

Allows You To Compare Your Branch To Other Like-sized Branches

Some call this the most powerful part of our program.  The academy teaches our 15+ years of experience, everything I've learned over the years, on how to improve each of your *KPI's. I believe that success leaves clues. Once a branch knows their numbers, they now have the ability to find a like-sized branch to compare to. The key to our system is the database is constantly being updated by members, this shows current trends as the market continues to change.




Finally a way to be mentored by someone who has had the experience of converting branches who were losing money into making a profit.

Our program adapts to

any device you're using


I never ran a P&L branch before. Tom’s system allowed me to hit the ground running. I focused on doing loans and my profit was maximized from day one.

Branch 7369

I had an accounting background, but Tom’s system simplified my P&L. Now I can focus on recruiting in my region, and my profit has never been better.

Branch 1414

When I could see 12 months of P&L’s in Tom’s key performance indicator chart, it became crystal clear where I needed to focus my efforts on improving.

Branch 1647

Tom’s system allows me to read my P&L in minutes. I’m profitable month after month. I can now make in -flight corrections immediately and never skip a beat.

Branch 2188

As a broker Tom’s system was a wake-up call, once we implemented his training, my profit numbers started climbing in the first month.

Branch 1919

We took a region from losing 90K per month to profiting 168K per month in just 4 short months. All of this prior to refi-mania.

Region 1069


Hi, I'm Tom Ward,

After owning 3 Century 21 franchises I opened Majestic Mortgage. The first 7 years I struggled averaging a paltry $40,769 per year. The last 7 years I made 20 times that amount (per year) after finally figuring it out. Let me tell you how I did it.

I joined an organization called YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and quickly learned their secret to success. It was knowing their numbers! Since I only had a high school education (but had a ton of street smarts), I had to create a way to understand the complex world of profit and loss. It needed to be a simple way to not only read the P&L in real time, but to be able to react quickly when needed. After selling Majestic Mortgage, I created Majestic Consulting. I was amazed by how many people were just like me, struggling to read the P&L and suffering with losses they did not need to have. Today we have created our own version of YPO.


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