Hi, I'm Tom Ward, and I can help.

After owning 3 Century 21 franchises I opened Majestic Mortgage. The first 7 years I struggled averaging a paltry $40,769 per year. The last 7 years I made 20 times that amount (per year) after finally figuring it out. Let me tell you how I did it.

I joined an organization called YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and quickly learned their secret to success. It was knowing their numbers! Since I only had a high school education (but had a ton of street smarts), I had to create a way to understand the complex world of profit and loss. It needed to be a simple way to not only read the P&L in real time, but to be able to react quickly when needed. After selling Majestic Mortgage, I created Majestic Consulting. I was amazed by how many people were just like me, struggling to read the P&L and suffering with losses they did not need to have.

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